Courses to suit students of every level.

2 Hour Class packed with theory

2 hours of theory, writing drills and face to face contact time with tutor.

30 Minute feedback session

Tutors stay behind for 30 minutes after each class to speak to parents about student progress and answer questions.

School Assignment Marking

We provide detailed feedback for school assignments and practise essays outside of class

Foundations one

Year 7 - 8

Foundations One introduces textual analysis techniques and teaches the basics of how to approach the understanding of every text type: poetry, novels, short stories, images, movies.


A new theme is covered each week to increase student exposure to ideas and different figurative language. 

Textual analysis writing structure is taught at this stage. 

Foundations two

Year 8 - 9

Foundations Two works on the next layer of understanding and focuses on context. Now that technique understanding is mastered, analysis is done with consideration of personal, social, cultural and historical context.

Essay structure work begins. 

Foundations three

Year 9 - 10

Foundations Three teaches how to analyse multiple texts together and find write a full length essay based on multiple short texts or one long text. Each term a new text or poetry collection is studied and the entire essay writing process is practised over and over. 

Discursive writing is introduced here in preparation for the New Syllabus.


Year 10 - 11

In the Intermediate course, every term each student will do:

  • a thematic study

  • a comparative study

  • an analytical study

These are the 3 types of studies done in the HSC and this course goes through how to approach each of these studies. 

HSC Advanced Preliminary Course

Year 11

Speed trials for unseen texts are done here in preparation for Paper 1 Section 1 in the HSC.


Skills are skill constantly revised but the main focus starting from Year 11 is to begin understanding exam requirements and techniques for the HSC. 

HSC Standard/Advanced Course

Year 12

The NESA syllabus is taught with high yield exam techniques to ensure that students know exactly what they need to do for their internal Trials and external HSC exam. 

Mock exams are done in the weeks before the HSC to ensure students are 100% prepared. 

Classes are text-specific and practise essays are encouraged and given feedback for. 

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