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High school English is hard.

But we make it simple.

100% Syllabus Relevant

Simply English is the first tuition centre to develop a systematic and structured way to approach high school English.

Online & Face to Face Classes Available

True to our flexibility, students can choose between attending in person classes or online classes.

Our online classes are live


Tutors provide feedback in real time.

Small Group Classes

We are also the first English tutoring centre to guarantee small group classes with a maximum of 7 students.

One on One Support

We are all about support. So of course we offer scheduled weekly one on one time for our students to ask personalised questions after class.

Free School Work

We offer free school essay marking to all enrolled students.

Exemplar Responses

We do not give homework without showing students how we would answer it. 

Students receive exemplar responses weekly so they understand what strong literary responses sound like.

So many reasons to choose us, which one will you pick?


The most detailed course you can imagine...

At Simply English we neglect nothing when it comes to English. 

We ensure our content covers all the bases needed for HSC success in our carefully designed, skill level based course. 

We are the one place students need to learn textual analysis, essay writing, creative writing and exam techniques. 

...taught by the best team! 

Ready to write better essays?

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