simple and solid English foundations starting from year 6 


Teaching the only compulsory HSC subject the right way

- from the basics

At Simply English we neglect nothing when it comes to English. 

We ensure our content covers all the bases needed for HSC success in our carefully designed, skill level based course. 

Our course covers:

  • basic and advanced grammar, spelling and punctuation rules

  • textual analysis for all text types

  • essay writing

  • imaginative, persuasive and discursive writing

  • speech and multimodal presentations

Unique Approach

Complex literary concepts simplified into tangible ideas, drills and exercises.

Learn English the same structure way as Maths or Science

Small Group Classes

We are the first English tutoring centre to guarantee small group classes with a maximum of 7 students

Personalised Help

We offer free unlimited essay help services for all enrolled students.


What our students say

Anqi is an extremely helpful tutor and friend who assists with all aspects of my education. She goes over what I have done at school as well as helps me perfect other skills from previous years. She also goes ahead of the school curricula to make it easier for me when I get to that topic is school. Without Anqi, I would not be succeeding as much as I am with her help. Overall, I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Jorja LeClaire, Year 9

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