Cameron Greig

UNSW Law Student

Minoring in English Literary Studies

James Ruse Alumni with 2 years of English teaching experience

Our YouTube star

Amanda Lee

UNSW Optometry Student

James Ruse Alumni with 2 years of English teaching experience.

Amanda did Extension 2 English and absolutely smashed her Advanced English with 96/100!

Anqi Teng

WSU Medical Alumni of 2019

James Ruse Alumni with 7 years of English teaching experience.

Anqi is taking a year off from medicine to pursue her passion in teaching English!


Our Vision is to Bring Clarity to Students

After over 5 years of teaching English, James Ruse Agricultural High School graduate Anqi Teng decided that it was time to do something.

Every year countless students would come to her for one on one classes for English. Every year she sees the same issues 

Students had minimal knowledge of the foundations of the English language. Incorrect punctuation and grammar as a result of not understanding how sentences work; writing poor quality essays because they do not understand how to use the power of words as a communication tool...Their school and tutoring teachers did not have time to explain all these concepts in detail and focused on "grabbing more marks" superficially instead of fixing the root of the problem. Like trying to keep a flower without roots alive by overwatering it. 

It was time to do something. 

Simply English is about more than correcting essays and temporarily fixing the same mistakes over and over again. It is about going back to the roots, building a solid foundation so that students' writing skills and grasp of literature improve from inside out for the NAPLAN, HSC and then rest of their lives. 

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