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Simply English is all about creating opportunities.

But these aren't just opportunities for our high school students - they're also for You!

We want the You who is passionate about sharing your English knowledge but doesn't have enough time outside of your hectic uni schedule to look for students and create your own materials. 

We want the You who wants to deliver the best lesson in the classroom, but don’t want work to follow you home. 

What makes our team truly awesome 

We're all pretty nerdy about English. 

If you want to find like-minded people to gush about your latest reads or favourite poet – that’s us! 

We see past high marks and experience.

We don't only look for people with high marks or decades of experience – we look for dedication, passion and a love for sharing knowledge.

We don’t leave you unsupported.

Our training programs set you up with communication and workplace skills which you can take far beyond the average part time job.

We really grind your soft skills

Working in our team helps you become a better communicator, presenter and lateral thinker. We're a great place to become your first official reference for future jobs

company benefits

Of course we have the basic stuff like…

  • Superannuation contribution so you can save up for that early retirement.

  • Fully paid training sessions because we want to invest in you.

  • End of year company dinners so you can socialise with the rest of the team.

But we also have...

  • Performance bonuses for team members who help us further our mission to deliver top quality English lessons. 

  • Staff snacks to keep that blood sugar stable between classes 

  • Coffee. If you catch a manager needing a coffee break, we’ll never forget to get you a drink.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a multi-specialty team to run a centre.


If you can take on any of the following roles, we’re looking for you too! 

Our Roles

Digital & Traditional


Marking & Content Creation

Administration &


Human Resources

Administration &


We'd love to meet you!

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