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6 Week English Study Plan - How to study for HSC English in the Summer Break

No time to waste! Maximise these 6 weeks and smash out as much work as you can! We have put together a 6 week battle plan that will ensure you return to school sharper than ever and ready to get that band 6 in English!

Week 1

With common module fresh in your mind, write a practise essay to a sample NESA question (we'll be posting some next week!)

Write an essay (at least a draft) and edit it 2-3 times.

Don't forget to try 1-2 unseen texts this week to practise for Paper 1 Section 1!

Week 2

Read your Module A texts. If you're doing a play, find a YouTube video of an acted production (reading plays suck!) to understand what the story is about. Watch your movie, read your novel. Set small manageable goals a day (e.g. read 50 pages each day) if you really have a hard time finishing books.

Google a bit for the synopsis if you get lost - there's no issue with the method as long as in the end you understand what the story is about!

Still try to do 1-2 unseen texts.

Week 3

Read the Module A syllabus. Try and understand what it means (what's a comparative study?). We'll be putting out a Module A syllabus breakdown soon too. Breakdown the syllabus keywords and start brainstorming the links between the two stories you have read/watched.

Unseen texts!

Week 4

Read some critics/textual analysis about your Module A texts. Remember, there is no original thought. The most profound and insightful observations can be made after being inspired by a good dose of Google Scholar.

Unseen texts 🤓🤓🤓

Week 5

Read your Module B text! Or watch it. If it's a movie may we recommend you watch it a minimum of twice. Use a mix of YouTube videos and Google to help you understand parts of the story you are not sure about. The beauty of the Module B texts is that they are all more or less critically acclaimed, which just means there is a tonne of resources online, even if it's not catered for the HSC exam. Sift through the right ones and you will easily find insightful thoughts and ideas that will help you come up with sophisticated ideas of your own.

Week 6

Relax a bit! You have worked really hard this holiday and school is starting up really soon. Breathe some fresh air, take some long walks and freshen your mind.

You might just come up with some good ideas on how to edit your Common Module Essay (tricked you, there is no vacation week planned). Practise your essay to as many questions as possible in this last week. Focus on improving your cause and effect thesis and topic sentences so your mind is razor sharp by the time Term 1 starts up again.

Be sure to take regular breaks throughout the day! Hard work is important but burnout is real. HSC is a marathon, not a sprint. But that also means if you stop running in the 6 week holiday you'll never get that distance back.

Have a wonderful break everyone!!!

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